The land of sirens appreciated all over the world

It is a much longed for by tourists from around the world: the best way to see it go for a walk, slowly, between the major shopping streets and the quaint old town, across the narrow streets filled with specialty shops, stopping to savor a glass of Limoncello, maybe on a bench overlooking the sea Sorrento.

Culturally there is simply spoiled for choice in the main square you can admire the statue of the patron saint, St. Antonino and the monument to Torquato Tasso. In every corner of the city there are churches to visit: Cathedral, Dedicated to Sts. Philip and James, the Basilica of St. Antonino, Whose sacristy contains a Neapolitan Crib of 700 and a silver statue of the saint, the Cloister of St. Francis, which combine various architectural motifs from the late Gothic to Renaissance.

To note the Correale Museum, Originated by private means by brothers Alfredo and Pompeo Correale Counts of Terranova, the last descendants of an ancient family of Sorrento, and Villa Comunale, One of the most panoramic of the city. An ideal place for a stroll, the villa has mature trees to rest during the summer and enjoy the nice breeze that blows.

From Positano you can reach Sorrento by bus or by boat, click to find further information.

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