Archaeological city Unesco World Heritage

It is a city famous for its Legendary origins and its archaeological finds, and with those of Pompeii and Oplontis since 1997, are part of UNESCO World Heritage.
Eruption of Vesuvio in 79 AD C., covered it with mud which penetrated everywhere solidifying into a dense layer of 15-20 meters.
The first real excavations began with the advent of Charles of Bourbon, who excavated the Ancient Theatre, the public buildings, temples and finally the splendid Villa of the Papyri.

The monumental and sumptuous villa is located just outside the city and belonged, probably, to a wealthy Roman noble and cultured. It was so nicknamed because in it were found about 1800 rolls of papyrus carbonized, which along with philosophical texts and Greek and Roman classics, formed a well-provided library.
Even today, the city of Herculaneum, Attracts millions of tourists who come here to revive what was once a lively culture famous throughout the world.

From Positano is possible to reach Herculaneum by bus to Sorrento and then from Sorrento to Herculaneum by train, click here for further information.

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